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OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4 Cables

Comparison of the functions and characteristics of OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 fibers: OM1: The core diameter and numerical aperture are large, and have strong light collection ability and anti-bending characteristics; OM2: Core diameter and numerical aperture are relatively small, effectively reduce the multi-mode fiber die dispersion, so that the bandwidth significantly increased, production costs are also reduced by 1/3; OM3: the use of flame-retardant skin, can prevent the spread of flame, prevent the distribution of smoke, acid gas and gas, and meet the needs of 10 gb/s transmission rate; OM4: Developed for VSCEL laser transmission, the effective bandwidth is more than double that of OM3. OM1 and OM2 have been widely deployed in building sand applications for many years, supporting Ethernet road transmission with a maximum of 1GB. OM3 and OM4 fiber optic cables are typically used in data center cabling environments, supporting the transmission of 10G or even 40/100G high-speed Ethernet paths.

OM3/OM4 for Data Centers

The IEEE802.3ba40/100G Ethernet standard was approved in June 2010 and provides for parallel optical transmission of MMF. Optical connectivity of 50/125 m multimode fiber optimized with OM3/OM4 laser has become a medium for data center selection. 10GBASE-SR Ethernet has become the data center’s primary data transfer rate in response to the need for server virtualization, converged networks, and reduced I/O server bottlenecks. The data center deploys OM3/OM4 connectivity solutions to meet the needs of 10G dual-core serial transmission and future migration to 40/100G parallel optics. High-port 10/40/100G electronic devices in the data center require high-density optical connectivity to facilitate cable mitigation, optimize path and space utilization, and support green initiatives. The OM3 and OM4 laser-optimized 50/125um  fibers are the connection types of data center slots. Compared with SMF, this fiber provides an important value proposition, multi-mode fiber uses low-cost 850nm transceivers.

OM3 Fiber Applications

OM3 fiber is designed with VCSEL, in line with ISO/IEC11801-2nd OM-3 fiber specification, to meet the needs of 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications. Om3 fibers are available in a variety of types, including indoor, indoor/outdoor versatility, and the cores of the optical fiber range from 4 to 48 cores. All applications based on old multimode 50/125 fiber are also supported. Because OM3 fiber can improve the transmission distance of gigabit and 10 Gigabit systems, using 850nm wavelength optical module and VCSEL, will be the most cost-effective cabling solution. When the link length exceeds 1000 meters, single-mode fiber is still the only option, single-mode fiber in the gigabit system can achieve 5 km transmission distance at 1310nm wavelength, in a 10g system to achieve a transmission distance of 10 km. When the link length is less than or equal to 1000 meters, OM3 50 m multimode fiber can be used in gigabit systems. When the link length is less than 300 meters, OM3 multimode fiber can be applied to any gigabit and 10G system.

OM3 Fiber Cables from Professional China Manufacturer

Network switching products are available with 48 SFP-plus interface cards, and each rack switch uses more than 1000 core OM3/OM4 fiber for 10G dual-core fiber serial operation. The 40/100G switches are expected to deploy parallel optics using more than 4,000 cores of fiber per rack. The high core number requirements of network electronics require high-density fiber optic cables and hardware solutions to maximize the use of paths and spaces, ease fiber optic cable management and simplify electronic devices connected to the system. The anti-bending OM3/OM4 fiber provides very small fiber optic cable diameters and hardware components produce the highest data center connection density. Compared to conventional multimode fibers, the anti-bending OM3/OM4 fiber helps reduce the diameter of the trunk fiber optic cable by 15-30% and provides a wiring rack density of more than 4,000 core fibers. Reduced diameters of trunk fiber optic cables can consume fewer paths and space and support more efficient use of fiber optic cable bridges, resulting in cost savings for major materials. Data centers now need to install high-density 12-core MPO connector OM3/OM4 backbone fiber optic cables.These can be used for dual fiber serial transmission and provide an effective migration path to parallel optics that require spo interfaces to connect to switch devices and server network cards. High-density modular 4U and 1U wiring rack hardware can easily support dual fiber serial transmission, using the MPO/LC module to simplify the path to parallel optics.

The MPO/LC module is used to fan out the 12-core MPO connector at the end of the trunk fiber optic cable to a single-core or two-core connector. Single-core and dual-core jumpers can be used to connect to wiring racks connected to system equipment ports and cross-connecting areas. The MPO/LC module is easily removed and replaced with the MPO adapter module, converted to parallel optical transmission as needed. 40G multimode fiber transmission will use a 12-core MPO connector and 100G multi-mode fiber transmission will be connected to the transceiver interface using a 24-core MPO connector. The integrated tray of the fiber optic wiring rack can accommodate the MPO/LC module. Each pallet can be fitted with four separate MPO/LC modules to improve modularity, ease of movement, addition and change. The 4U and 1U wiring racks have 12 and 2 pallets, respectively. 4U wiring racks are typically used for connection to high density electronic devices as well as cross-connected use. 1U wiring racks are typically used to interconnect trunk fiber optic cables with rack-top access switches. Existing and emerging network technologies drive increased data transfer rates and fiber usage in data centers. High-density optical connectivity solutions are necessary to accommodate these trends, not only to take full advantage of fiber optic cable management and data center usage area, but also to easily migrate from two-core serial transmission to 12 and 24-core parallel optical transmissions. The OM3/OM4 optical connection solution is ready for these challenges.

Multimode fiber technology has been developed from OM1 multimode to now support 10Gbps OM3/OM4, which will enable the user’s investment to get the most effective return, as the backbone of cabling or fiber-to-desktop the best option. Huihongfiber, a company dedicated to the development and design of optical communications products and providing system solutions, is a global market innovator and application technology pioneer in optical network devices and optical connectivity.

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Fiber Optics for Data Centers

Fiber Optics for Data Centers

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We have high speed fiber optic cables and transceivers for data centers, including 1G,10G,40G,100G and more.

Fiber Optics for FTTX

Fiber Optics for FTTX

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We have various types of cables for FTTX projects, including indoor cables, outdoor cables, ADSS, FTTH, FTTA.

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Worldwide Shipping

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Diversified Products

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We are supplier of fiber pigtails SC, SC/APC, ST, ST/APC,FC, FC/APC, LC, LC/APC, MT-RJ ,MPO,MTP,E2000,fiber optic pigtails,simplex,duplex,fan out pigtails.

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Huihongfiber is a global design innovator in the field of optical interconnect, adhere to innovative design concepts, provide high-quality and high-reliability solutions for the optical interconnect market, Huihongfiber series of optical interconnect products include: optical modules, OM3/OM4/OM5 cables, optical passive devices, active fiber optic cables, high density (MPO/MTP) cabling and so on. Mainly covers data center and cloud computing, metro network and broadcast video, mobile network and 5G optical transmission three areas. Huihongfiber keeps pace with the development of the data center era, constantly innovating the professional design of optical interconnect cabling solutions to achieve high-density interconnection within the cabinet, with both simple and fast ease of use and cost optimization.


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